Being the bearer of bad news, be aware of the impact this has on changes!

There are many guidelines on how to be the bearer of bad news. The guide lines focus firstly on how to give the bad news and afterwards being there for the receiver of the bad news and helping in dealing with the emotions which arise. If you google on “bad news conversations”you will then get so many guidelines for several areas. Fact is that being the bearer of bad news is not something to be taken lightly. As the bearer of bad news you must realize that what you say and do will impact the LIFE of the one who receives the bad news!. The bearer of bad news that he or she plays an important role in this LIFE CHANGING EVENT of the receiver. I believe that the bearer of bad news would like the receiver to accept this bad news and look at the opportunities that this bad news brings how little or few these are. I believe that every change has opportunities how little of few these are. The opportunities move your focus from the negative to the positive side of the change. The reason why I wanted to write about this, is that I realized now that when I heard that I have this disease called PLS I focused on the negative side. The bearer of this bad news without realizing I think put my focus on the negative aspects of this disease. I think it was the intention of the bearer of the bad news to get the message across that this disease is for the medical science now incurable. To be specific, there is a difference in telling someone that no amount of fitness will cure you or telling someone that keeping fit as much as you can is good for you. Not to judge no one ,my message is lets not take it lightly when we are the bearer of bad news and make sure that we always help putting the focus of the receiver to the opportunities of this bad change how few or little…………


About lucinda408

An experienced Information and communication professional and mother of 3 girls. I am a Christian who believes in God being the Holy Trinity. God the father, son and the Holy ghost! I got ill in 2009 with a disease called PLS . The process you go through when diagnosed with a medically incurable disease is not to be taken lightly and shared as much as you can for that reason I started writing. A wonderful result is that because I am writing about my feelings and experiences it is an emotional therapy for me!
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