A Lot is goin on

The receipe of going from an active blogger to a less active blogger and ultimately to a non active blogger was in my case the following:

– suddenly getting in the mornings problem with spasm of legs and having more difficulties with control of muscels in back area. As a result needing assistence in making transfers from standing to sitting positions after for exemple visiting the toilet;

-start of usage of medicine to lessten spasm but increasing a constant nautious feeling and being dizzy all the time; not being able to focus.

-wanting to make a big move from one part of the world to another;

Well I had enough on my plate . Thank God I am now entering in the calm after the storm. I realised that the cold affects PLS. Not that PLS is caused by the cold but it surely  accelerates the spasms. So going to live on a tropical Islands I expect will slow-down the spasms (hopefully exclude them 🙂 )

I decided to first check-out if living on a tropical Island is wise in my condition. So I will first check-out Curaçao for some months. Thank God for wisdom!

I will once in a while place a post and read yours!

About lucinda408

An experienced Information and communication professional and mother of 3 girls. I am a Christian who believes in God being the Holy Trinity. God the father, son and the Holy ghost! I got ill in 2009 with a disease called PLS . The process you go through when diagnosed with a medically incurable disease is not to be taken lightly and shared as much as you can for that reason I started writing. A wonderful result is that because I am writing about my feelings and experiences it is an emotional therapy for me!
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